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JRuby/Gradle at JRubyConf EU 2015

A couple weeks ago, Schalk, Christian and I were fortunate enough to participate in the wonderful JRubyConf EU 2015 in Potsdam Germany. In the days that preceeded the conference we pulled together and finished up what would become the 1.0 release of the core plugins. Just in time for my presentation to introduce the JRuby/Gradle toolchain to the audience.

Below is a video recoded by of the talk titled JRuby/Gradle: Bringing Java Powertools to Ruby:

The other sessions are also worth checking out as there was a lot of great, in-depth, technical content presented at the single-track one-day conference.

On behalf of the JRuby/Gradle core team, I’d like to thank the conference organizers (especially Tobi) for hosting such a wonderful event and allowing us the opportunity to participate. Hopefully we’ll be back next year with more to talk about!

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