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v1.0.4 and a few squashed bugs

We’ve just released a minor bug fix release of the 1.0.x branch of the JRuby/Gradle core plugins. We wanted to get a few bug fixes out to users before we release 1.1.0 - Dresden, a release which contains some great new features which are still baking in the oven.

Upgrading to this release is as easy as editing your build.gradle files:

buildscript {
    repositories { jcenter() }
    dependencies {
        classpath "com.github.jruby-gradle:jruby-gradle-plugin:1.0.4"
apply plugin: 'com.github.jruby-gradle.base'

The full diff from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 can be found here.


Bug fixes

  • #190: generated gradle.rb needs to follow the jars/gems setup we have everywhere else

  • #213: cannot resolve gems with ~> to 0.10.4 the way bundler does

  • jruby-gradle-storm-plugin#21: enable easier subclassing of JRubyJar so subclasses can override properties cleanly.

  • #220: prepareJRubyJar doesn’t cache results and reinstalls gems every single run

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